Rules only for the rule-abiding

Businesses are failing.

Jobs are being lost.

Diagnosis and treatment of serious illnesses have been delayed.

People have died and given birth alone.

Funerals, weddings and other gatherings have been restricted.

Rest home residents have been denied visits from family.

People have been prevented from worshiping, playing sport, celebrating and socializing with family and friends.

For more than two months we’ve been severely restricted in what we can do and where, with whom and when we choose to do it.

But thousands of people have been allowed to protest over the death of George Floyd.

That murder was atrocious but it’s no excuse for flouting the Level 2 rules by which  most of us, however unwillingly, have been abiding.

Black lives matter and so do all the lives and livelihoods of everyone else.

If there is no risk from ignoring the rules for a protest, there is absolutely no excuse for keeping us at Level 2 where the rules are obviously only there to curtail the rule-abiding.

3 Responses to Rules only for the rule-abiding

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind and commented:
    Clearly, protesters are no risk, but church services are dangerous. This government has forfeited any moral authority it might have had


  2. Murray Roxburgh says:

    And the band played waltzing Matilda.

    In comes as no surprise but I am floundering to even consider, if not understand how more than half the voters think the girl wonder can do no wrong?

    One wonders what it will take for NZ Inc to awaken from their dream world?


  3. […] Shades of what I wrote about in Middle Class Warfare, but I was also reminded of this while reading the following article by Elle at Homepaddock yesterday, Rules only for the rule-abiding: […]


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