Get loyal or get out

Just days after National got a new leader, Newhub reports that caucus is still leaking:

Newshub has been told by National MPs the new leadership is demanding loyalty after details of leader Todd Muller’s new staffing line-up were leaked to Newshub over the weekend.

And despite that demand of loyalty, the top-secret fortress that is the National Party caucus is already leaking like a sieve – several have shared details of the closed-door meeting with Newshub. . . 

John Key used to remind his caucus that the media was never their friends. That hasn’t changed.

What on earth do the leakers think they will achieve? They are harming the party and won’t be helping themselves.

Leaking is stupid and it’s disloyal, and if there’s two things party members hate in its MPs it’s stupidity and disloyalty.

There’s less that four moths until the election.

National is starting from behind.

Winning isn’t impossible but it won’t be easy.

It will take everybody paddling the party waka, together in harmony.  Everyone must work to not only keep it afloat but heading in the right direction, not leaking which could sink it.

Whether the leaker/s is/are motivated by utu or delusions of their own righteousness they are in the wrong.

They have a stark choice – get loyal or get out and let the rest of caucus and the party volunteers who will be working with them, get on with what matters – replacing the government with one that is far better equipped to get New Zealand out of the mess it’s in.

3 Responses to Get loyal or get out

  1. Andrei says:

    You have to understand that the cackling hens of the Parliamentary press gallery are Labour Party activists.

    National should not have changed leaders, at their behest

    It is any surprise Todd Muller who was the best thing since sliced bread last week has morphed since obtaining the leadership into a dull white male with a MAGA hat – which instead of defiantly displaying in his new office like a man sure of himself has put it away

    And now having been manipulated into replacing a Maoris as both Leader and Deputy suddenly National is too white according to themanipulators

    Oh and by the way according to One News last night Todd Muller was very boring at question time

    These harridans are playing the National caucus like a fiddle and the caucus is only too eager to dance to their tune

    National are behaving like loosers,


  2. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind.


  3. karitane1 says:

    The Forth Estate have become the enemies of democracy rather than their historical role of unbiased distribution of news.
    Politicians feed this out of control monolith, the media.


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