Why are we waiting?

The Ministry of Health’s Covid-19 website gives details of case numbers as at 9am each day.

But it’s not updated until at least 1pm.

Why are we waiting until then?

Is there a good reason, or is it only so we can have what is becoming an increasingly tiresome double act for the media from the Beehive?

In the first few days it was a good idea for the Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to give daily briefings, to inform, reassure the public and to answer questions from journalists.

The DG fronting each day is probably still a good idea but the daily pairing with the PM is not.

Seeing only her, highlights the absence of other Ministers. It raises questions about why they aren’t fronting and none more so than Minister, Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis is nowhere to be seen when that sector has been hardest hit by the lockdown.

The tourism sector is imploding, countless jobs are being lost, and many are left with a feeling of uncertainty. . .

What tourism businesses desperately need is a leader to articulate a message of hope. It needs Davis to proactively front the media, on a regular basis, to give an idea of what the Government is doing to save the sector. Because fronting the media gets the message out to operators, who are in the middle of making big decisions about their futures. . .

Davis, like most other Ministers is kept well away from the media.  Giving us only the daily duet is in danger of politicising the Director General because as each day goes by it looks more and more like the purpose is not so much to inform the public as to promote the PM.

Take yesterday’s announcement of what the step down to Level 2 will entail.

It could have been issued as a media release followed by the opportunity for questions from media.

Instead the PM read it out in minute detail as if to a group of young children, and ones with comprehension problems at that.

Or at least that’s what the first bit sounded like. I gave up listening after a very few minutes because I had better things to do with my time and a PM overseeing what could well turn into the worst economic depression in our history  ought to have too.

Ardern is Labour’s, and the government’s, most popular figure but these daily deliveries are in danger of turning into far too much of a good thing.

Much more of this and she’ll find more and more of her audience will be following Pooh’s example of getting into a comfortable position for not listening.

5 Responses to Why are we waiting?

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind.


  2. Andrei says:

    On another blog I mentioned McNamara’s Fallacy – named for Robert McNamara. the Secretary of Defence in the Johnston administration during the Vietnam War.

    McNamara’s metric for progress in that war was “bodycount” and everyday in Saigon at General Westmoreland would give the press corps the days bodycount which grew larger and larger day by day of course

    2 Million dead Vietnamese and 57,000+ dead young American men later we know how that eventually turned out.

    And what we are witnessing now is an almost classic example of McNamara’s Fallacy in operation, are we not?

    Number of new cases today: n
    Number of deaths today: m

    The lower the number the better we are doing

    Whlie the old man’s untreated ingrown toenail has gone gangrenous…

    …and unemeployment grows “exponetially” by the day…

    …&c. ,,,

    But it is all good because no-one died today with a diagnoses of COVID-19.


  3. pdm says:

    This government has a new category of Minister. That is Ministers of invisibility:

    Clark, Davis, and a few others fall into this category.


  4. Teletext says:

    I noted in his briefing today that Robertson said that the invisible Davis was working hard behind the scene with the Tourism industry. If you believe that I have a harbour bridge you might like to buy.

    Both Davis and Clark have shown themselves to be completely incompetent in their jobs but the Fairy Princess’ problem is that she doesn’t have anyone better to replace them with. Sadly, we will be stuck with them.

    Robertson also tried his best to fudge the unemployment figures and the future of the wage subsidy payments but only succeeded in showing that they don’t and never have had a plan. From the lack of comment on it, I think they must be planning to steal Bridges’ financial recovery plan that he announced a day or so ago. It was the first realistic plan that I have seen so I expect that we will be able to accuse the Govt of “stealing underpants”.


  5. pdm says:

    Teletext she cannot do anything about Davis because the rest of the `so called’ Maori Caucus might walk. They probably still have a grudge because she dumped Meka Whaitiri.


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