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  1. Andrei says:

    Unfortunately to gain a greater understanding of the world we inhabit requires an in depth grasp od Mathematics and its little brother Statistics.

    I have been wryly amused by the charts that look like something produced by a kindy kid with crayons that purport to show the progress of this epidemic in various nations compared

    And the comparisons of the number of “deaths” between nations used as some sort of metric of the success or otherwise of the various authorities in managing this problem.

    Of course few consider how large the popualtion of eah particular nation might be and virtually nobody questions what actually constitutes a “death” from Covid-19 to be added their“grim” tally.

    It has been clear to me almost from the outset that the people dying were elderly and almost all had significant underlying health issues and the role of the virus in their final decline is at best the administration of the coup de grace rather than the cause.

    I loved Alexandr Lukashenko’s response to the question about his keep calm and carry on approach as opposed to lockdown

    “It’s sowing season and if we don’t sow now we wont eat next winter”

    Words fit to be carved in stone


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