When politicians and advertisers preach

If any more advertisers tell me to “be kind” I’m going to throw a brick through the television.

This tweet was posted a couple of weeks ago and stuck with me.

Kindness is one the the values I value. The world would be a much better place if we had a lot more of it.

But the exhortation to be kind from advertisers and politicians induces thoughts in me that are anything but kind.


I think it’s partly because the lockdown has uncovered my inner contrarian.

Farming is an essential business and I spend a lot of time at home alone in normal circumstances so my day to day life hasn’t altered much. I realise this puts me in much better circumstances than a lot of other people.

But because I can’t go where I want to, when I want to and with whom I want to, I really, really want to.

Strong as the temptation is,  I’m resisting it and doing as I’m told – staying home and as the ads and politicians keep telling me, staying safe.

But I don’t like it and I like being preached at even less, especially by advertisers and politicians.

I am old enough to remember when kindness started at home and the moral and ethical foundation established there was reinforced at school and backed up at Sunday school and church, in the days when most children went there.

I like to think that kindness still starts in most homes, that it’s reinforced at school and while far fewer people are regular church goers these days, they still play a role in moral guidance not by preaching at us, but by teaching and providing good examples through their actions.

Why then do advertisers and politicians feel the need to preach at us?

If they were leading by example I might be inspired to follow.

But when they preach at me, that inner contrarian comes out and rather than feeling positive about the message I start thinking some very unkind thoughts about the messengers.

4 Responses to When politicians and advertisers preach

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind and commented:
    Homepaddock on the preachy messaging we are bombarded with


  2. Heather Adam says:

    My inner contrarian came out this morning when I heard our PM on AM. For the second time in the last day she said ‘jeopradise’, one of the many words that she mispronounces. It annoys me but also disappoints me that our head of state exhibits such a low level of knowledge of our language … especially when her only qualification is ‘Communication’. Sorry if I sound picky.


  3. Andrei says:

    Apparently people want to live in a nanny state and people like J, Ardern take charge of their lives.

    It’s in my DNA to distrust authority but I guess New Zealand is going to have to learn the hard way that our leaders are not omnipotent and that domeheads they consult and pass off as “experts” are not particularly intelligent,just narrowly focused in their supossed area of expertise

    For the love of me why wasn’t our deadshit minister of Health talking with the Chinese, South Korea, Japanese,.Taiwanese. Italian etc Health authorities way back in January trying to get a handle on what wa going on and their strategies in dealing with it, what was working and what wasn’t and working with a broad range of people to develop a game plan

    And why wasn’t our airheaded Prime Minister calming down the panic instead of feeding it with scary projections from “experts” who only look at computer models and not what is happeneing out their in the real world.

    When people say the candy floss this woman has fed us is an example of leadership they are wrong.

    A real leader would have been in front of this long before the average Joe had ever even heard of Corona Virus

    This lot were too busy frettinhg over climae change, liberalizing abortion, giving prisoners voting rights etc to notice the train coming down the track until it was too late

    AND THEN THEY PANICKED and got it all wrong

    Result: a relativel minor problem has been transformed into a major catastrophe


  4. Teletext says:

    Well said Andrei, couldn’t agree more. I like your description of our Dr. of Divinity Minister of Health, was he praying for the virus to go away? He, like his fellow cabinet ministers are about as useful as the proverbial “tits on a bull”.

    Now we have the useless Kiwibuild preacher twit Twyford, telling Councils not to have rate freezes or even near freezes or the government will cut off their funding. So much for kindness to the ratepayers.

    Panic is the only way to describe the way the COL Government has reacted to the situation and as to their plans of having an app that will be able to be used to track our possible contacts, I’ll follow Kiwiblog’s advice and download it just as soon as the great conspiracy theorist Nicky Hagar comes out and endorses its use. I think hell might freeze over before that happens.

    I am also fed up with being told what to do and to be kind. The irascible side of my nature is more that starting to shine through. Oh that we had some street wise intelligent people with business experience running the place.


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