Anzac Spirit

The National Anzac Centre in Albany, overlooks the harbour from which 41,000 men and women from Australia and New Zealand, left to serve their countries in World War I.

Among the displays, is this sculpture, The Anzac Spirit.




You can read more about the sculpture, and Mary Selby, here.

One Response to Anzac Spirit

  1. Roj Blake says:

    Correction – they left to serve the interests of Great Britain. Germany posed no threat to NZ or AU and had Germany won the war our two countries may have become more independent, more outward-looking, and less reliant on “The Mother Country” that deserted us so badly in 1940.

    The Great War was never about freedom and democracy. It was about trade and colonies. Australia used the war as a pretext to take control of New Guinea from Germany.

    A bayonet was a weapon with a worker at each end.


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