The Alone Rangers

Three comedians and a filmmaker found themselves locked down together:

What do you get when you isolate three Kiwi comedians and a filmmaker on one rural property in the middle of a pandemic? 

That’s not the start of a joke, it’s how Rhys Darby’s comedy web series The “Alone Rangers” Show came to be. 

The Flight of the Concords star had been based in LA before the pandemic hit. But when things started “getting really bad”, he and wife Rosie, fellow Kiwi comic Jonno Roberts, who’d been performing in on Broadway before the theatres were closed, and director Dean Cornish decided heading home was the best idea.  . .

Now, along with Darby’s long time pal and collaborator Jaime Bowen, they’re riding out the lockdown safe and sound in Matakana, about an hour north of Auckland. It’s one big, rural bubble of 10 including the kids.

With so many creative folks in one place, the next step was an obvious one. 

“We have quite a bit of talent here, so we thought ‘well, it would be stupid not to make use of the time and make something funny’.”

That something turned out to be The “Alone Rangers” Show, a web-series made up of 10-minute clips, starring Darby’s tree-obsessed NZ Park Ranger Bill Napier, a good, keen Kiwigian bloke.  . . 

Bill Napier, NZ’s finest park ranger is in lockdown with Jason Chaseman and his nemesis, Aussie ranger Ron Bradman. Taking a break from all the park work they create a TV show to inform and entertain, The Alone Rangers. In this first episode they look at what sports they can still play, post lockdown, and Ron entertains with a song.

Please note, all crew and performers are in the same isolation bubble.

Starring…. Rhys Darby as Bill Napier Jonno Roberts as Ron Bradman Jamie Bowen as Jason Chaseman

Cameras held by Finn Darby and Georgia Hatzis

Edited by Finn Darby and Jamie Bowen Musical Adaptation by Guy and Jonno Roberts

Directed by Dean Cornish

Produced by Rosie Carnahan-Darby for Darbmeister Films

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