Help your local cafe

SOS Cafe has been set up to support cafes and other small businesses that will be struggling for survival because of the lockdown:

We are DavidJoyce and Naadei. Co-founders of SOS Cafe. 

Like everyone, we felt shocked and a bit helpless when it was announced that NZ would go into level 4 lockdown, and thought about the hundreds of cafés, small businesses etc who would suffer.

Our local businesses add so much colour and culture to our suburbs, it’s now our turn to give back.

We whipped up this website that will allow us to act as agents for businesses who don’t have the ability to take vouchers a way to do that, and to link to those that can. Many customers are loyal to their local coffee shop or restaurant / bar, and want to help. Now they can – if you used to buy a coffee and a muffin every day, then buy a voucher every day instead (or a whole lot!) and give these café’s a fighting chance.

We don’t make any money off this – in fact it’s costing us a bit to do it, and taking a fair amount of time. We are happy to do it to help out, but please bear that in mind! We also have a growing group of volunteers helping us out, which is helping.

“Years ago when I was young and foolish I set up a bar, so I know how hard it is to run a hospo business and how reliant you are on customers.” – David Downs

How you can help

SOS Cafe was set up to help these local businesses sell gift cards that you can redeem later when they re-open*. This will do a part in helping them to stay afloat during this time. 

Our directory will also help you to support those who are currently offering takeaways or pickups. 

We have expanded to other categories to help more local businesses and we need your help to suggest a local business.

Spread the word to your friends and family so that we can help as many local businesses as we can. 

All businesses will be wondering if they will survive the lockdown and recovery.

SOS is providing an avenue to support them.

There’s no guarantee the businesses will survive to enable vouchers to be redeemed, but they’ll have a better chance of doing so if those who can help them in this way do.

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