Big holes in fourth estate

Bauer Media has announced it’s closing:

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the closure of Bauer Media, bringing an end to decades of media.

Bauer Media publishes multiple popular Kiwi magazines including NZ Listener, Woman’s Day, New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, North and South and Next. . .

I subscribed to North and South when it first launched and was proud that it accepted some of my freelance contributions.

I’ve subscribed to the Listener for several years and bought it every week before that.

Both have always had high standards of journalism and will leave a big hole in the fourth estate.

They, like much of the mainstream media will have been struggling and the dearth of advertising in the wake of the Covid-19 lockdown will have been the last straw.

How many will follow, including perhaps daily papers?

MediaWorks has asked all staff to take pay cuts as it fights for its survival.

Most of us get most of our news and views online now, some of which is of a high standard, some of which is anything but.

The higher the standard the greater the cost of producing it, and too few are willing to pay for quality even though we need a strong fourth estate more than ever now governments all over the world have imposed draconian restrictions on us.

2 Responses to Big holes in fourth estate

  1. Andrei says:

    This is just the beginning Ele

    Nobody seems to have noticed yet that our biggest foreign exchange earner, Tourism.. has totally collapsed and will not recover for years to come…

    I don’t imagine the cruise ship business will ever recover. luckily we don’t have a large investment in that, though it does contribute quite significanly to our economy.

    I’ve been watching this disaster unfold since January and while everyone has been focussed on the virus and over stating the threat it poses. they havetotally lost sight of the very real costs involved in trying to contain it and how huge that will be.

    This is transition period between a before and after and this is the time for Simon Bridges to step up to the plate and show us his leadership skills because that is what we need right now – a real leader.

    We sure as hell don’t have one now, just a overgrown school girl way out of her depth and one who is floundering.


  2. Murray Roxburgh says:

    One benefit that will ensue, a reduction of the annoying glossy air brushed pictures of some who many might find rather annoying as they work their way through the grocer’s shop.


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