Some can learn from others’ mistakes

It’s early days, but most people are responding responsibly to the draconian requirements of the state of emergency.

News of the escalating rate of Covid-19 overseas and here, including the first death*, is helping keep people in their isolation bubbles.

But acceptance and compliance won’t last long if the shutdown doesn’t work, or there’s a second wave because there’s too little testing, or because the disease keeps on being imported.

Deaths from the disease will be counted and broadcast. It will be harder to track those caused by the economic and social cost of the shut down but they will come.

Businesses will fail, homes will be lost, suicides and domestic violence will increase.

A four-week shutdown that eliminates the disease and saves lives might justify all that, but only if the disease is eliminated and stays out of the country and we are then able to get the economy up and functioning at full speed again.

That will mean closing the borders completely, or requiring all arrivals to be quarantined for two weeks. Trusting people to self-isolate before the shutdown didn’t work and it won’t work afterwards.

Had it done so, Covid-19 would have been confined to people who contracted it overseas and we wouldn’t have to be locked down.

Some of us can learn from others’ mistakes, their rest of us have to be the other people.

The government didn’t learn from the mistakes other countries made in not closing borders properly.

Until it decides that all arrivals will be quarantined, it’s not even learning from its own mistake in not going harder, sooner.

* The person who died had an underlying condition which begs the question was the death due to Covid-19 or the underlying condition?

5 Responses to Some can learn from others’ mistakes

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

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    Sensible comments


  2. Andrei says:

    The person who died had an underlying condition which begs the question was the death due to Covid-19 or the underlying condition?

    Every winter is the so called cold and flu season elderly people present with viral pneumonia and many of them die. They die because it is their time

    Often when people arewho old or very sick to begin with it is decided that the best option is to provide palliative care only and let nature take it course. I know this from first hand experience, with my parents

    Every day in this country somwhere between thirty and forty people take their last breath, year in, year out

    A lot of other people died in New Zealand yesterday in addition to this woman, whose death in normal times would have been entirely unremarkable but in these strange days .it engendered a news conference from our PM and led the Six O’clock News

    New variants of corona and flu viruses appear regularly, just why this one has engendered the reaction it has will be a matter for historians.

    What I do know it that Italy still has a long way to go before the deaths attributed to this virus match the number of deaths attributed flu virus in 2017/18 flu season

    Warmer weather is coming to the Northern Hemisphere and as it does if the past is any guide the incidence of this infection will steeply decline, perhaps to reappeear when the weather cools again perhaps not.

    We are headed for winter and in winter death rates go up but this year the 6 oclock news will begin with presenting us with the grim tally

    Will hiding in our houses save us all, will it bring us immortality?

    Or would it be better for all to just carry on as normal

    It appears the decision has been made for us by our betters in Wellington and we cannot now even go to our Churches, a place of succour in troubled times and where we might see this in a whole new light


  3. Roj Blake says:

    which begs the question was the death due to Covid-19 or the underlying condition?

    That is not what begging the question means.

    Andrei is in denial all over the blogs with his false comparisons with the seasonal flu. This is a new virus, we are in early days, we have no idea yet have how fast it may mutate, there is no vaccine, and very little treatment available.

    It may burn out the same way some other viruses have, or it may become a permanent part of the landscape in the same way HIV has.

    However, Andrei is quite happy to sacrifice the elderly and vulnerable to “save the economy” and ensure he gets a regular supply of durries.


  4. Andrei says:

    In denial of what Roj Blake?

    The woman who died was in her seventies and had COPD according to her family – that is a lung disease that usually ends with a bout of pneumonia that is fatal.

    If she had not been tested for COVID-19 nobody would have thought there was anything was unusual in how she died

    We all die one way or another eventually Roj Blake

    If it were children or young adults in the prime of their life who were dying I would see this differently but this thing is not killing people before their time – it is killing people acheived their natural lifespan by all accounts


  5. Andrei says:

    You ask a question that needs to be asked inthe post Ele

    The person who died had an underlying condition which begs the question was the death due to Covid-19 or the underlying condition?

    Good for you for asking it – the media wont

    It is not the only question that needs to be asked – there are many

    Here is the official Italian Data (2 weeks old) and it shows many things

    (1) The median age for those who have died COVID-19 positive is 81 years old

    (2) You can virtually count on the fingers of one hand the number of deaths of people under 50

    (3) In most of Italy there is no problem at all – the majority of deaths are occuring in Lombardy, with some impact in Piemont, Rome and Venice

    (4) It is highly unclear with the deaths of the younger people in particular thatCOVID-19 was resposible, a contributing factor or completely unrelated to their death

    (5) 98.9% of these people had serious comordities many of them serious (as did the woman who died in Greymouth COPD in her case)


    (1) How many of these people actually contracted the COVID-19 infection after admission to hospital? There is a name for this phenomina – nosocomial infections and they are alas common but not usually serious – however famously the superbugs are and many people entering hospital for minor procedures have over the years contracted one with devasting reults for them.

    (2) Are people actually dying at a greater rate than is normal for this time of year? And I’m fairly sure the answer to this is no. There are for example 4000- 5000 deaths from pneumonia in the USA every week, the current number of people dying in the USA from pneumonia is does not out of wack with normal times

    A mere 2 years ago the flu epidemic in Italy saw nearly 25,000 Italian deaths while this epidemic is nowhere near that total yet and probably wont have matched it when the dust has settled

    Seriously what is going on here? Why have we lost all sense of proportion here and why are our leaders stoking the panic rather than calming it?


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