What’s essential at the Warehouse?

The Warehouse will be staying open during the four-week lockdown:

In an announcement to the sharemarket, The Warehouse said it was a provider of key consumer goods for New Zealanders.  . .

“In the past two weeks the group has seen unprecedented demand for essential items across all our brands. Goods sold included essential items to prepare themselves for the mandatory isolation period of at least four weeks,” the retailer said. . . 

The Warehouse had already implemented limits on high-demand products such as toilet paper, hand sanitiser and face masks.  . . 

If you need loo paper, hand sanitiser, face masks and any other essentials, you could get them at supermarkets and/or pharmacies which will be open.

There’s also calls for liquor stores to remain open after panic buying.

If we are to take seriously the need for staying at home, venturing out only for essentials from the supermarket or pharmacy, no other retailers should be open.

People are going to get bored, people are going to get fractious, allowing them to browse and buy anything but basic essentials will encourage retail therapy, increase the potential for infection to spread and undo any of the good that isolating at home will be doing.

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