Farming’s not immune

People still have to eat. Farming will get us through this.

Both these statements are true but there’s a but.

McDonald’s is closing all it’s restaurants in the UK and Ireland.

The company says it will work with community groups to distribute food and drink but even so that’s an awful lot of beef, cheese, bacon, potatoes and buns that won’t be being bought.

This morning we got news that one meat company has stopped processing and another is cutting back because staff aren’t turning up for work.

People still have to eat and food and farms are still producing it.

But farming’s not immune to the fallout from Covid-19. There are lot of people and processes between the farm and the plate and any disruption to any of them will at least slow supply.

One Response to Farming’s not immune

  1. Andrei says:

    And wages lost while food prices sky rocket.

    And hungry people are more susceptable to illnesses

    Historians are going to have a field day


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