Fwittery & dumbfery

Example one:

She walked into the medical centre, sat in the waiting room for an hour before the doctor could see her.

In the consulting room she listed her symptoms.

The doctor asked if she’d seen the big red signs outside the surgery saying anyone with those symptoms should stay outside and either phone or push the emergency button.

She said she didn’t think it applied to her.

Example two:

The hairdresser noticed a woman fiddling with something at the door and realised she was putting on a mask.

When she got to the desk the hairdresser asked her if she was protecting herself or others.

The woman replied she really wasn’t feeling well but was sure it wasn’t coronavirus.

The hairdresser said she should reschedule because regardless of what it was, it would be impossible to cut her hair when she had the elastic band of the mask round her head.

These are examples of fwittery which are closely related to dumbfery:

5 Responses to Fwittery & dumbfery

  1. Andrei says:

    You have got to realize Ele that trying to control people’s behaviour is like herding cats.

    And actually that is something to be relished because who really wants to live in Mao’s vision of utopia where everyone wears the same overlalls and marches in step in orderly straight lines.

    Life will never be risk free – even if you withdraw entirely from the world and shut yourself in a glass bubble and only consume food the current crop of “experts” have deemed to be “healthy” you are still going to die sometime…

    …and who’d want to live like that even if it were viable.

    To me we are witnessing an example of mindless panic and Governments are responding, pretending are in control the uncontrollable and doing great damage in the process.

    Still there is diddly we can do about it excpt to watch in wry amusement at human stupidity much of it driven be hubris


  2. homepaddock says:

    Andrei, yes it’s like hoarding cats; no I wouldn’t want to live under Mao’s vision of Utopia; you’re right never can be risk free and it’s fatal, sooner or later. But when doctors I know and respect tell me to take a health risk seriously, not just for my own sake but for that of others who are more vulnerable, I do.

    That my daughter is at greater risk is influencing me, but I think I’d be taking advice seriously anyway. At the best of times our health system is overstretched. We can’t afford for hospitals to be full of people with a condition that could probably be prevented, taking up resources needed for people needing care because of the usual illnesses and accidents.
    Some cancer patient in Canada, the UK and USA have already had surgery and treatment indefinitely postponed because of Covid-19.


  3. Andrei says:

    Ele the advice you were given is no different than the advice you would have been given last year as the cold and flu season approached.

    Meanwhile public health authorities need to plan for worst case scenarios. The problem is the worst case scenarios, which are unlikely but possible become inevitable when hyperbolically reported in the media.Anf Governments need to be seen to be doing something, no matter how counter productive it is

    Meanwhile looking at the data that is accumulating there doesn\t seem. to me at least any cause for real alarm. Even Italy which seems to be hardest hit is not actually showing a significant increase in the overall mortality rate.

    In Lombardy the hospital system seems to be struggling, perhaps it is only one hospital in one town that is. You know as well as I do the media will seek out the hardest hit hospital in the entire nation and represent that as the situation throughout the country

    Meanwhile in Iceland an isolated nation with a small population the virus is raging through the community with a higher proportion of its citizens reccorded as positive for this virus than even Italy and as yet they have to record a fatality

    There is data from the “plague ship”, Diamond Princess, where the virus circulated for a week undeteted and a month thereafter. Median age on that ship was 58 years and 8 deaths of elderly passengers asof today

    Here is the data from that ship, which shows the number of positive tests by age, the number of asymptomatic cases by age, the number of symptomatic cases by age and the number of deaths by age.

    Did you know Ele that every time a ship sets sail on a cruise they expect one or two deaths among the passengers because cruise ship passengers tend to be elderly.

    They are all equipped with morgues, not a feature they mention on their glossy brochures but they are. A ship the size of Diamond Princess will probably have morgue accommodation for about 10 people because deaths aboard ship are part of the everyday realities for the crews of Cruise ships


  4. homepaddock says:

    Andrei, I hope you’re right but until time proves that you are, or aren’t, I’ll be acting as if you’re not. https://amp.theguardian.com/society/2020/mar/19/cancer-patients-coronavirus-outbreak-difficult-decisions? “The way we treat cancer over the next few months will change enormously. As oncologists, we will have to find a tenuous balance between under-treating people with cancer, resulting in more deaths from the disease in the medium to long term, and increasing deaths from Covid-19 in a vulnerable patient population.”


  5. Andrei says:

    Ele you are acting in the correct way given the health issues of your daughter who is at risk from repiratory infections regardless of what they are called. Its irrelant whether it is the flu, last yrs corona virus or this new one as far as that goes

    But surely you can recognize acting with ad hoc policies based on incomplete data to placate a panicked and baying mob is not likely to have a good outcome…

    Realistically how long can any nation shut down most of its economy without suffering disasterous consequences?

    This Ele is a fiasco of the first order


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