If this was Foot and Mouth

The impact of Covid-19 on tourist businesses is similar to the impact Foot and Mouth disease would have on farming.

If it was a Foot and Mouth outbreak all infected stock and would be culled; road blocks would be set up around the infected area; and all vehicles would be checked to ensure they weren’t transporting animals or raw meat.

I’m not suggesting culling people, but I am questioning whether the government’s response to Covid-19 has been strong enough, as it would if this was Foot and Mouth.

Requiring anyone arriving from overseas to self-isolate for 14 days is good in theory, but how  is it working in practice?

How can you stop a tourist from going to supermarkets or restaurants, visiting attractions, taking part in  activities?

How can you keep returning residents and citizens at home?

We can’t just rely on being geographically remote to protect us.

My daughter has cancer which makes her vulnerable and she has good reason to be scared.

Our health system is over-stretched already.

It won’t cope if the disease becomes wide-spread and we all have to play our part in making sure it doesn’t.

Morgan, a young woman with cancer has a message for those too healthy to worry about Covid-19:

Lucky you, but this isn’t about you. This is about me and the millions of other Americans with underlying health conditions that leave their immune systems compromised. This isn’t about whether or not a healthy person will quickly recover from a virus. This is about keeping the otherwise healthy people out of the hospitals so there is room for the sick. This is about our doctors having to avoid deciding whose life is more important and who deserves to be put on a ventilator and who doesn’t. This is about avoiding the spread of a highly contagious and potentially deadly virus to those who are most vulnerable. . .

We shouldn’t be aiming to flatten the curve, we should be aiming to stop the spread before it starts.

The response to this disease in people should be just as urgent and just as strict as if it was Foot and Mouth in stock.

8 Responses to If this was Foot and Mouth

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind.


  2. Andrei says:

    Sorry Ele but no

    What we are seeing is a vast over reaction to what is in essence a new varient of the common cold.

    There are vunerable people who are at risk from this but they are just as vunerable to things such as influnenza or even the everyday common cold that are in the background all the time

    At the beginning of this outbreak the media where hyperboloically reporting the death of four residents in a resthome in Washington State – residents of resthomes dying is hardly earth shattering news.

    Ok the trigger for these peoples final decline was a new virus but presumably the person who inadvertatly brought it into the resthome was not very sick at all and recovered ( I have not heard otherwise) and residents of resthomes do not have a long life expectancy even in the best of times

    We shutting down whole economies in what is obviously going to be a futile attempt to stop the spread of this virus when in fact we should be putting our efforts into protecting the vunerable and letting nature run its course otherwise and just calmly carrying on

    Sure some people will die but that is life and everybody dies eventually.one way or another

    In fact in normal times 30 to 40 people die every single day in New Zealand and unless they are someone close to us we don’t even notice.


  3. Andrei says:

    As an addendum to my previous comment – if we rash our economy to try and prevent the spread of this virus we will have less resources available to protect and treat the vunerable as nature takes its course


  4. Murray Roxburgh says:

    Yes there will be considerable disruption and losses and in my seventy plus years I have suffered such from more than one financial setbacks.
    Nearing the optimum age for this variant of the common cold to end my life I am taking precautions to avoid if possible allowing it to attack as my pulmonary system is compromised.

    Last night in the light of the moronic behaviour of the Aussie who having symptoms, arranged a “Test” then got on a plane, flew to AKL then WGN, went to a restaurant for a meal and is now supposedly sitting around a hotel after getting confirmation he was infected!!??’, we have abandoned a short stay in an Air B&B house in Oamaru at the end of the month with eight other couples for what has become an annual event for the males of the group who were in a class of 1956
    Boat loads of potential individuals capable of creating a “Yokohama petri dish” are still visiting NZ ports, yes I accept the Akaroa case has been cleared but so were Lance Armstrong and the Fury brothers ??,

    I am not alone in understanding those who rule over us will know they cannot stop the infection spreading but the moves taken might reduce the Italian solution that had the graph curve head higher and make that crunch for our health services possibly unable to be coped with.
    The Health Line chaos indicates just how easily a reasonably designed protocol can be swamped.

    What is it with moronic Australian visitors and the ides of March anyway.


  5. homepaddock says:

    Andrei, the global economy is tanking anyway. My daughter has cancer. People doing stupid things, not taking the risks seriously put her and anyone else, like Gravedodger and his wife, whose health is compromised at risk.


  6. adamsmith1922 says:

    Andrei, you’re wrong. It is not just a variant of the common cold. The mortality rate is higher than the ‘norm’ for flu.


  7. Andrei says:

    I am aware of that and understand your concernt Ele – but my argument is let’s put our energy and resources into protecting people like your daughter from the virus rather than trying to contain its spread in the wider community where it does not do much harm.

    Lets put some premises down

    (1) The spread of this virus cannot now be contained
    (2) The effect of this virus on the majority will not be great
    (3) It is eaier to protect the vunerable (i.e. those mos likely to be adversly affected than the entire population from exposure)
    (4) “Herd immunity” will eventually be establishd and this outbreak will wane

    If you accept these premises the surely it is better, safer and cheper to allow the general, non vunerable, segment of the population to be exposed to the virus in as short a period as possible thus shortening the time before the virus die out in the community while protecting the vunerable.

    The quicker this epidemic burns out the safer people like your daughter will be.

    Make sense?


  8. Andrei says:

    Interesting psychology displayed by the dowticker of my post(s),

    Sometimes it seems. especially in the media, that people subconsciously actually want disaster and that people such as myself who say, lets take a deep breath and look at this another way are not popular.

    But major problems are usually solved and optimim solutions found to resolve by looking at things from a different perspective

    I’m not saying that I am right but I dliberately wrote down 4 premises and drew conclusions from them

    But the phantom downticker was not prepared to debate the validity of the premises nor the conclusions drawn from them but rather just blew raspberry with a downtick.

    Very curious


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