End of Holden era

General Motors will no  longer be producing Holdens.

The decision is inevitable.

When a business has to be subsidised it runs out of options when the subsidies do.

I know of the legendary Holdens with bench seats and column gear changes only by repute.

But the car before my current one was a Holden Cruze which I liked for several reasons – it had heated seats which enabled me to keep warm in winter while still letting cool air in; it enabled the air to be directed at the windscreen alone, rather than screen and either feet or head which is the option in most other vehicles; and it was economical to run.



One Response to End of Holden era

  1. Andrei says:

    Oh dear Ele -your Holden Cruze was basically a Suzuki quite possibly manufacted in South Korea that had a Holden badge stuck on it. Same car also had Chevorelet and Opel badges stuck on it depending on where it was sold-there were some assemble in Australia between 2011 and 2016 so you could have had a dinkum Aussie one

    They were assembled in Mexico for the North American Market

    GM is done – the best made cars today come from Japan or South Korea but the Chinese are getting into the game – it is too soon to know if the new for us Chinese marques acheive the reliability of Toyotas or Kias but they are a lot cheaper to buy, substantially so

    Ford survives from its F series trucks and its derivatives – they are getting out of the car market where they cannot compete

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