Tractor safety

National Fieldays has released a tractor safety instructional video inspired by Air New Zealand’s safety videos.

One Response to Tractor safety

  1. Murray Roxburgh says:

    Hill country farming in the Wairarapa saw a Honda Three wheeler as a step away from horses.

    Now the “Trike” never had much support as a safety option.

    Got a bit casual one day and as NOP(normal operating procedure) turned the Handlebars to full lock while dismounting to assist a dog needing guidance.
    Heard a slight noise behind me to see the dear old thing on the move, possibly a first in “driverless” technology.
    Down a steep slope, leveled out then clumsily over a five wire electric and a plunge down a steep terrace ( the final plunge almost all out of sight).

    Result, a still idling motor, trike on three wheels, undamaged and driven on.
    Distance travelled over half a Km.
    That beats those Wright Broes powered flight bit .


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