Need right response

Climate change agitation started on the left.

Some of it was driven by genuine concern for the environment. Some had, and still has, a wider anti-capitalist political agenda.

Climate change is now an issue that spans the political spectrum but most response is still shaped by the left with its usual recipe of less of this here and more tax on that there.

Ironically, given climate change activists’ demands to accept the science, a lot of the response does not follow the science.

Much of the response is also simplistic and does not take into account all the costs and consequences of prescribed actions nor does it follow the prescription for sustainability which requires a balance of economic, environmental and social concerns.

The teaching resource on climate change issued by the Ministry of Education exemplifies this, mixing misinformation and preaching with the science and teaching.

There is a huge opportunity here for the right to promote a much more positive response that will counter the eco-pessimism and provide real solutions with technology and innovation.

That is what has provided answers to problems that have beset the world in the past and that is what is needed if we’re to safeguard the health of the planet for the future.

2 Responses to Need right response

  1. Latus Dextro says:

    Forget the scientivism, data ‘adjustment’, failed climate models, outright fabrications of catastrophism. Think instead, The Cloward-Piven strategy for forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The globalist Trojan horse of climatism is nothing less than an attempt to wreak de-population, de-industrialisation, division, destitution and despair, en route to the imposition of a totalitarian global administration (UNEP- Maurice Strong).

  2. Roj Blake says:

    Climate change agitation started on the left.

    No, it actually began with Maggie Thatcher. Worried she would not be taken seriously by the male leaders of the world, Thatcher and her aids scratched for something to make her shine and standout.

    They hit on her being the only major world leader with a science degree, so trawled for something novel in science, something where she could sound far more intelligent than she was, and that would be hard, if not impossible, for the men to hold her to account on.

    They hit on the emerging science of CO2 driven climate change.

    This suited Maggie quite well, as she quickly saw it as another tool in her fight to destroy coal miners’ unions and to promote Nuclear power.

    The rest, as they say, is history.

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