When friends point out your flaws

Shane Te Pou look at the stars and safe hands in the government and opposition and finds only one real dud:

In fact, across all the leading figures in the main parties, only Phil Twyford displays none of the traits necessary to be a successful minister.His management of KiwiBuild turned it into the most humiliating policy failure in the New Zealand Labour Party’s history but it is soon to be eclipsed by the Auckland light rail shambles. But the Twyford problem is easily fixed. The Prime Minister must know her own reputation depends on her sacking him altogether early in 2020.

I don’t agree Twyford is the only one in the governing parties not fit to be a minister.  I do agree with Te Pou’s assessment of him.

There’s no surprise in that view from the right.

But Te Pou is a former Labour Party candidate, campaign manager and executive member.

When your friends are as blunt about your flaws as this, you’re in trouble.


2 Responses to When friends point out your flaws

  1. pdm says:

    My understanding is that Twyford is part of Ardern’s inner cabal of trusty ministers – the kitchen cabinet in John Key’s days.

    If that is the case he sure as hell won’t be dumped – even though he should be.


  2. adamsmith1922 says:

    The idea that Twyford is the sole incompetent is ludicrous. The question is which Minister is competent and not dangerous.
    David Clark is a failure,Genter is a rabid ideologue, Shaw is hell bent on destroying the economy, Robertson is a dangerous liar,Peters is a venal,vindictive old man,Jones is a slimy,bombastic,lazy incompetent.That’s for starters.


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