4 lanes from Cape to Bluff

It used to take an easy 3 1/2 hours to get from home to Christchurch.

Last Friday I started the journey nearly four hours before I was due to officiate at a wedding rehearsal and I got there with only a minute to spare.

It was one of those trips with lots of big trucks, lots of slow traffic and lots of times when the vehicle following a slow one wouldn’t pass and didn’t leave enough room between it and the one it was following to pass it when it was safe to pass one but not two vehicles.

And of course most of those slow vehicles went faster when we got to passing lanes.

This is not unusual. There is much more traffic and our roads are not up to carrying it.

The government’s announcement that at least some of the extra debt it’s going to incur will go on roading is a welcome change to the anti-road stance it’s had but it’s not going far enough.

We need a four lane highway from Cape Reinga to Bluff. It couldn’t all be done at once but it needs to be done.

It will make travel both more efficient and safer, helping productivity and reducing the human and financial costs of accidents.

2 Responses to 4 lanes from Cape to Bluff

  1. Andrei says:

    The extra money is going into cycle lanes and turning our cities into obstacle courses as part of this “Road to Zero” initiative championed by that mad American lady who is our associate minister of transport.

    My goodness the road I use everyday to get to where I have to be is now a nightmare of “traffic calming” measures which have turned a seven minute drive into a fifteen minute one

    Speed humps that launch you into low earth orbit at anything over 20kph and add wear and tear to your car as well as increased gas consumption on a non residential road which used to be a nice drive – pointless tight roundabouts that cannot be negotiated by large vehicles and most bizarrely of all a pedestrian safe crossing zone a mere thirty metres from a lights controlled pedestrian crossing – the only purpose of which is to constrain vehicles to a one lane bottleneck as they approach the lights and are now unable to seperate themselves into the appropriate lanes until just before the lights thus increasing congestion and the number of cycles it takes to get through the lights.

    Since Roman times people have been improving roads and transport corridors to make it easier, quicker and cheaper for people and goods to get from their starting point to their destination but this “Road to Zero” which is sold as a new paradigm is that we need to design roads that are safe for three year olds on tricycles to share with logging trucks…

    The powers that be seem to have forgotten what the real purpose of roads are


  2. Bulaman says:

    I was travelling South a couple of years ago on Easter Tuesday. Mid afternoon the traffic going into Christchurch was parked almost back to Synlait. Fortunately going south was at least moving!


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