Is the F word funny?

A friend was visiting her sister in Australia and wanted to go to a movie.

The last one she’d been to had been full of bad language and she wanted a cleaner one. Her sister said Four Weddings and a Funeral was reputed to be very good and very funny.

They went and the first several words were the F one.

Was it offensive? To some probably, but in the context it was both appropriate and funny.

Is it always?

We went to a stand up comedy evening recently and almost every sentence had at least one F word, often more.

IWere the comedians funny? Yes. In the context were all the Fs both appropriate and funny? No. Most of the time they were used as a filler instead of um and ah or a pause.

Does this clip need all the Fs?

It’s funny, but would it have lost any of the humour with fewer, or even no Fs?

I think so.

That word has become so commonplace a lot of people don’t even realise they’re using it and if they use it that often, what’s left when they really need an expletive?

7 Responses to Is the F word funny?

  1. Roj Blake says:

    Please explain. What is “The F Word”?

    Do you mean “fuck”? If so, why not write it. You purport to BE a writer, yet are reluctant to use all the words at your disposal.

    If “The F Word” is not “fuck”, then what is it?

    Clarity, my dear. Clarity.

  2. MvL says:

    Class, Mr Blake, Class and good manners. Which Ms Ludemann has and you obviously lack.

  3. pdm says:

    MvL – wellsaid.

    I agree with you 100%.

    Roj Blake – crass at best and very rude to your host on this blog.

  4. Roj Blake says:

    Namby-Pamby Snowflakes. We all KNOW what Ele means when she writes “The f word”, so why not be honest, type fewer characters and call a fuck a fuck?

  5. homepaddock says:

    Roj you seem to have missed my point that the word is overused, not always necessary and often inappropriate.

  6. Roj Blake says:

    Ele, you seem to have missed the point that as everyone knows what “F word” means, why not use it? What is wrong with plain English?

    This is the same as the laughable “slept with” line in newspapers when we all know that if sleeping is all that happened there would be no story. 🙂

  7. Andrei says:

    Roj I am sure I have deployed that word on comment thread on this blog on occaision to provide emphasis.

    The thing about “bad words” is that if they are over used they loose the efficacy

    What amuses me is you often hear that word on TV now – even free to air TV but there other words cause grief and outrage

    The BBC banned “Fairy tale of New York” few years ago for use of another “F” word – the word in question being dare I say it

    You scumbag, you maggot
    You cheap lousy BLEEP!
    Merry Christmas your arse
    Pray God its our last

    Kirsty MacColl sung those lyrics and very impactful they were

    And what word made the delicate petals at the BBC go faint?


    And yet on the BC the use of the other “F” word and even the “C” word raise not an eyebrow.

    Talking of the late Kirsty MacColl have you heard this treasure? Best version of this song ever

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