Thugs’ veto wins again

Massey University hasn’t learned from the Don Brash deplatforming debacle:

Massey University has advised Speak Up For Women to find an alternative venue for its Feminism 2020 event. The University has received external advice on its health, safety and wellbeing obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, and its duty of care to the University community, and has made the decision on these grounds.

The legal advice we have received is that cancellation of the event, as concluded by the report, is the only way to eliminate the risk to health and safety and to ensure that the University would not be in breach of its health and safety obligations.

Massey University is committed to the values of academic freedom, the freedom of speech, and the freedom of expression, as values that lie at the very heart of the tradition of a university and academic inquiry. However, this event has created significant disruption to our students, staff and University operations, and we cannot accept any further risk or issues, or any risk of potential harm that may impact upon a particularly vulnerable community.

When health and safety is used as an excuse, it’s the thugs’ veto winning again.

Who’s Speak Up for Women?

Speak Up For Women is a diverse group of ordinary New Zealanders who initially came together to campaign against the sex self-ID amendment being pushed through as part of the BDMRR Bill.

We found each other on social media, at political party events, through our work, and through friends.

We began with a shared concern about the impact of transgender politics (including self-ID) on the rights of women and girls, but now realise that there is no one advocating for women across the board. Traditional women’s groups now focus heavily on gender identity and what is left is a void of services and advocates for women. . .

A lot of people will share these concerns.

Some might be threatened by this but the answer is to use logic and facts provide a counter-argument, not to use the thugs’ veto to shut down those espousing them.

A media release from Melissa Derby who was to speak at the event says:

In September, Massey said it would host the Feminism 2020 despite objections, and that it was ‘committed to free speech as a fundamental tenet of a university’. It looked like Massey had learned from the public backlash against its cancellation of last year’s event with Don Brash.”

“Yet, as of today, Massey has shut down the event, seemingly due to pressure from a vocal group of activists. Today’s announcement reveals the University’s true position is one of absolute weakness. Massey says it values free speech while its actions prove the opposite.”

“Not only has the University refused to uphold its stated commitment to free speech, it is being deliberately vague about its reasoning. Massey cites health and safety concerns, but it’s completely unclear whether this refers to threats of protest, or concern over ‘harmful’ speech. This is the most feeble use of a ‘health and safety’ excuse we’ve seen at a university yet.”

“Whoever thought we’d see the day when feminism is on the banned list at a New Zealand University? Ironically, I was going to speak at this event on the dangers of identity politics and the need for people to talk to one another.”

“If a University’s default response to ‘any risk of potential harm’ is the cancellation of speech, then it ought to shut up shop. Universities have traditionally been a space for free expression, protest, and the contest of ideas. Massey has disgraced this tradition.”

A woman who planned to speak on the need for people to talk to one another, has been deplatformed by threats from people too scared to hear what she has to say.



7 Responses to Thugs’ veto wins again

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind and commented:
    The ‘joke’ university that receives massive public funding oppresses free speech again


  2. Andrei says:

    This is the “progresive” left eating itself with its own internal contradictions. 🙂


  3. Marie Stopes says:

    Is hosting external events part ofthecore business oh a University ? I don’t think so

    This group, like Brash, are trying to use the university as a mark of intelectual rigour. I am sure there are many venues that will hire them facilities.


  4. Andrei says:

    Marie Universities are supposed to be places of learning and open discourse where all ideas may be examined and discussed and tested on their merits.

    Alas they appear have been hijacked by the political left who have a nasty habit of suppressing ideas they have decided are unsuitable of discussion

    Indeed they would if the could be the gatekeepers of all knowledge beliveing in their hubris they are inately intellectually superior to the rest of us

    Not is this only clearly untrue but it is in fact a classic example of the Dunning–Kruger effect

    Which is why of course people who struggled with elementary trigonometry at school are lecturing us with absolute certainty on scienctific matters which require advanced mathematics and an in depth knowledge of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics to even begin to grasp the complexities involved.


  5. Marie Stopes says:

    Rubish, Andrei. Up to your usual crap. Not all ideas are examined. No Achemists teach Chemistry, no Creationists teacbh Biology, no Atheists teach Divinity, no Astrologers teach Astronomy, and so it goes.

    Some ideas ARE unsuitable for discussion. And part of a Universtiys role is gate keeping.


  6. Andrei says:

    Um – Marie, modern chemistry was born from alchemy, Isaac Newton was an alchemist.

    The wrong headed ideas in alchemy have been shown to be just that wrong headed by people experimenting and discussing their results while the good ideas and concepts, including the very idea of experimentation have been built upon to expand human knowledge and welfare.

    If people were not able to critique the concept of the philosopher’s stone we would all still believe in its possibility


  7. Marie Stopes says:

    Um, Andrei, historically you arecorrect, but today, in the modern,progresive world, there is no place for alchemy in a University.

    We now also know Darwin was wrong about a few things, that we have learned more about evolution since, but that is notto say Darwin didn’t provide valuable foundational tools. However, Origin of Species is a backgrounder, not a prime text in today’s biology classes.

    Got anything else?


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