Peter Ellis 30.3.58 – 4.9.19

Peter Ellis has died.

Ellis, 61, died at a hospice about noon on Wednesday after battling advanced bladder cancer. He had been fighting to clear his name some 26 years after he was convicted of sex offences against seven children at the Christchurch Civic Creche. . . 

The Supreme Court indicated it would consider hearing Ellis’ appeal even if he died before the hearing date.

The court had scheduled the appeal to be heard over four days from November 11 to 14 with one reserve day if needed. . . 

Lynley Hood, the author of A City Possessed, a book about the case, convinced me of Ellis’s innocence.

I hope the case is heard and gives his family and supporters the justice for which they’ve been fighting.



2 Responses to Peter Ellis 30.3.58 – 4.9.19

  1. Andrei says:

    Indeed Ele

    This never sat comfortably with me – even when it was ongoing. It was part of a global Satanic Child Abuse scare which saw injustices perpetrated in both the USA and England.

    We haven’t progressed much since Salem – we just pretend we have


  2. Teletext says:

    I agree entirely with Andre’s comments but in the back of my mind I seem to recall that whilst all this hysteria was going on in Christchurch, parents of kids who were allegedly being abused could claim something like $10,000 for them from ACC. Perhaps this had something to do with the great NZ Injustice.


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