Meat with integrity

Meat with Integrity aims to raise public awareness of the Scottish red meat industry’s animal welfare and sustainability credentials.

. . The campaign will also highlight the industry’s world-renowned quality assurance schemes which cover the entire production process, including farms, hauliers, feed companies, auction markets and processors.

Farmers Hazel McNee from Tealing, Joyce Campbell from Sutherland, Fraser Shaw from Lockerbie and Bruce McConachie who farms in the Cairngorms, were recently announced as the four farming “faces” of the campaign. . .

One Response to Meat with integrity

  1. Allan says:

    Great promotion and I am sure that most of the Farmers in NZ have the same values as what is being presented here. I am getting sick and tired of the constant criticism of the rural community from the Government and in particular the Green contingent ot this Coalition. I am a townie who has never worked on the land however I have nothing but admiration for the Farming Community and the untold benefit that they bring to the country both economically and socially. They in effect are the backbone of NZ and the sooner the Greens and other environmental activists realise it the better for all.


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