Confessions of a fair weather fan

Confession time: I have  been paying only cursory attention to Cricket World Cup matches.

In fact most of my information had come from Cactus Kate who is following the Blackcaps.

Until last night

Then, having tuned in when the Blackcaps had taken three very quick wickets I was hooked.

What a match.



2 Responses to Confessions of a fair weather fan

  1. Stephen says:

    Best thing I have seen on the telly since Blackcaps v SA 2015


  2. Murray Roxburgh says:

    You and many others Hp.
    I have posted at No Minister on the many doubting Thomas’s who decided the batting troubles NZ encountered were not in all Likelihood going to confront India dealing with Boult and Henry who are genuine world class more so in UK conditions.
    Mitch Santner applied the brakes to thwart the recovery and NZ are arguably the best fielding unit across the park for the tournament.
    What about that Neesham Catch in the Gully????

    Now on to Lords and should it be Australia then it will be a home crowd for NZ.


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