Quote of the day

 It [writing] is an art, which has to be kept alive, and worked at with an excitement and the hope for something special to occur.  –  Elizabeth Jolley who was born on this day in 1923.

One Response to Quote of the day

  1. Murray Roxburgh says:

    Just as with other once highly regarded Arts, time and digital devices will virtually extinguish hand writing, not just as an art but in everyday use.

    A student studying at a higher level does not even have to create an essay just buy it then copy and paste.
    No handwriting needed.

    AS a child I witnessed a wheelwright in his workshop cooperate with his neighbour the Blacksmith to rebuild a wheel.
    The last step, to heat the entire steel rim to red hot drop it over the loose assembly of spokes and wooden rim sections with the wooden hub in the centre, then poor cold water over the steel rim to end the scorching and tighten it all by shrinking the steel rim.
    The wheel was off a waggon, would have been almost six foot in diameter,
    Fascinating to a child and imprinted as a memory over seventy years and counting.
    Wheelwright, Stewart Heard and Smithy, Roy Croft.

    Pure happenstance, we had ridden and led several horses ten miles to be reshod.

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