Get back to me

This video was shown to 600 people at a Queensland Country Life dinner:


. . . The video’s creator Ashley Walmsley, who produced the video for the newspaper’s popular ‘Best of the Bush’ gala ball during the Royal Queensland Show last week, said he was gobsmacked by the result.

“It’s been amazing. I thought it might strike a note here in Queensland but never dreamed it would go as far as it has,” he said.

Bundaberg-based Mr Walmsley, QCL journalist and Fairfax Agricultural Media horticulture writer (editor of Good Fruit & Vegetables magazine), employed the vocal talents of retired Beaudesert cattleman Terry O’Hanlon to provide the stirring voiceover, which seems to have struck a deep chord with rural landholders.

“Terry’s voice really makes it. It’s a voice of experience, mixed with a fair amount of bulldust, and various other substances I would imagine, that give it that authoritative gravel,” Mr Walmsley said. . . 

Calling out the disconnect between protesters and producers one video at a time.

One Response to Get back to me

  1. Heather Adam says:

    The basics of life don’t seem to be taught to today’s young people. The inevitability of consequences are not understood. It’s all about feelings and ideology … and progress down that track seems to be happening at a rapid rate, led by our Prime Minister who appears to have no understanding of business, investment and reality. Heather Adam


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