Proudly neo-liberal?

Neo-liberal is almost used as a derogatory label.

If, as Politikiwi’s political values quiz says, it means:

Neo-liberals believe in economic liberalism, favouring austerity and the privatisation of government services 

I’m not so sure I am one.

An economic liberal, yes.

Favoring austerity? It depends. I’m in favour of a government that takes only as much as is necessary and prioritises needs over wants.

But I also support social investment and policies which aim to tackle root causes of problems. That often necessitate spending more sooner to reduce the need to spend more later.

Privatisation of government services? Some definitely, but not all.

However, the answers I gave to the quiz calls me a a neo-liberal:

It says I”m centrist on the social axis, strongly capitalist, balanced on the national axis and moderate on the state one.

Wikipedia defines neo-liberal as: ideas associated with laissez-faire economic liberalism and free market capitalism.

By those measures and that definition, I am proud to be one.

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