Word of the day

Lamb – a young sheep, especially one less than a year old or without permanent teeth; the young of various animals (such as the smaller antelopes) other than sheep; the meat of a young sheep; to give birth to lambs; a gentle, innocent, meek or weak person; a person who is easily cheated or outsmarted, especially an inexperienced speculator;  to encourage someone to squander their money, especially on alcohol.

2 Responses to Word of the day

  1. Bulaman says:

    Lambs to the slaughter, all these silly climate children and their enablers.


  2. Murray Roxburgh says:

    Never tasted Lamb until after we were wed when a xmas Lamb sounded a good idea and we had access to them
    The first effort was a tad disappointing after over two decades of Mutton and Hogget, still my preferred sheepmeat especially if Merino is present..
    Now Lamb is slaughtered at a more mature stage of life and has become a first considered main if listed on a menu.

    Standing outside a Butchery in Bishopdale recently waiting while Adem worked his talent on Swmbos hair and lamented to another drooling soul that the half leg of lamb in the window was dearer than many a whole animal sold during my 45 years growing them.

    Definitely an acquired taste for many growing up on beef chicken and pork.
    Leads me to one of the more misguided efforts when our Meat industry “leading experts” spent millions that could not be spared attempting to market “Lamb” to Californians when most US sheep meat eating citizens lived in blue collar states around Illinois. One more expensive failure alongside many others.
    Of course a colossal waste of money and another bit of evidence that even the best farmers should stay the hell away from marketing.
    The exception being the many often trail blazing production developments where they are industry leaders sticking to their knitting.


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