Would we want them?

Immigration NZ registered a surge in website visits on Sunday, the day after the Australian election.

More than 11,500 people logged onto the Immigration New Zealand website and its information site New Zealand Now on Sunday, compared to fewer than 2500 the previous Sunday.

Google analytics also showed a spike in Australians searching the words ‘moving to New Zealand’, particularly those from Queensland.

The true level of interest in emigrating is difficult to gauge as Australian citizens do not need a visa to travel to New Zealand, although its visa-holders do.

The number who started the visa process, through registrations of interest, jumped from 20 to 715. . . 

We don’t, and shouldn’t, discriminate on political views.

If we did, would we  want more people who appear to be upset they’ve got a government that priorirised economic management, lower taxes and a more moderate approach to climate change than the opposition which proposed the opposite?

One Response to Would we want them?

  1. Ross Miller says:

    Probably balanced by the surge of Kiwis wanting to escape to Oz to escape the clutches of he CoL no matter that the support available to them there is nothing compared to what an Australian refugee can expect to receive here.


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