Reason to moan

Jamie McKay challenged Shane Jones on The Country yesterday and got this response:

“I grew up on a farm, my dad was a farmer, I know what farmers are like and if they’re not milking cows or chasing cows, they’re moaning.”

I don’t agree with that, but there is good reason for farmers to moan under the current government.

The Labour and Green parties don’t pretend to like farmers or farming but New Zealand First likes to call itself the champion of the provinces.

How can it champion the provinces when this is how it’s second most prominent MP regards farmers?

You can listen to the interview and the response from Don Nicolson and Craig Wiggins here.


One Response to Reason to moan

  1. Murray Roxburgh says:

    Farmers only moan when they are bored.
    A farmer bemoans rain putting a harvest at risk while the neighbour welcomes the moisture for his crops still growing.

    There are a plethora of quips available one of my favourites is why is dairy farming seen as difficult when a dairy farmer only has two jobs grow grass and milk cows.

    I recall a tale in The School Journal c1950 where a village upset the weather god by squabbling so god installed a rope that a villager wanting rain could pull the rope and behold rain. After some days of rain a villager could pull the rope and the rain stopped.
    Of course it came to pass that two villagers wanted a different outcome and after some increasingly desperate yanking of the rope it broke and the blessing delivered from god ended right there.

    My much respected neighbour now sadly passed when I was in despair after three years of well below average rainfall, as in a total over the three years well short of two years average totalled, John Corbett claimed a dry is easier to manage than a flood which required some reflection.
    He was damned right as revealed later in some successive one in fifty tear floods in the Wairarapa when an overnight event could deliver carnage that was often not able to be recovered.

    Often what is regarded as a farmer moaning is merely the natural person dealing with adversity reaction where a problem shared is often very therapeutic.
    Part of problem solving that farmers face every day often in total absence of any support making a chance to talk things over, gold.

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