Would you rather :

The fees-free policy is another government failure:

The Government has reallocated almost $200 million from the fees-free policy as part of Finance Minister Grant Robertson’s push to cull $1 billion of low-priority spending.

The money was cut as the enrolments were not as high as the Government was expecting. . . 

The admission it’s low-quality spending shows it was a policy that ought to have never made it pass the is-this-sensible test.

Universal fee-free tertiary education is neither necessary nor wise.

Nor, when there are so many other priorities, is it affordable.

Would you rather:

  • put more into helping children who don’t have the necessary pre-learning skills when they get to school?
  • put more into special education?
  • put more into helping children who are failing at primary and secondary school?
  • put resources into improving pay and conditions for teachers?
  • put more into writing off student loans for graduates who work in hard-to-staff occupations and areas?

Or pay 100% of tertiary fees for first year students many of whom don’t need the help and some of whom will fail?

The fee-free policy joins KiwiBuild and the provincial slush fund as a poorly thought-out and poorly targeted fail.

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