Don’t let them drown

Ashburton District Council, Water Safety New Zealand irrigation companies, MHV Water, Barrhill Chertsey Irrigation, and Ashburton Lyndhurst Irrigation, are pushing the importance of adult supervision around water.

. . . In the last 10 years, there have been 58 preventable toddler drownings in New Zealand. As a vibrant farming community, the Ashburton District has many water races, irrigation ponds, streams and rivers, most of which are not fenced or restricted, and many are often on private properties. These waterways can pose a deadly threat to unattended children,” Ashburton District Council Chief Executive, Hamish Riach explained.

“It is not realistic to expect every waterway in rural areas to be fenced. With so many potential drowning hazards around, it is vital that everyone is keeping a vigilant eye on their young ones at all times. The Council is proud to be working in partnership with local irrigation companies and Water Safety NZ to help reinforce this crucial message.” . . 

One of our staff rang a few years ago to say his pre-school daughter was missing.

The house was fenced and gated but if she had managed to get past those barriers there were troughs and an effluent pond nearby which could have claimed her life.

Eight of us began searching and were on the verge of calling emergency services when the child’s sister found her, curled up in the bottom of her (the sister’s) bed.

That story had a happy ending, too many do not.


4 Responses to Don’t let them drown

  1. Murray Roxburgh says:

    Total Mystery to me that the whole pool fencing crat action involves fencing a swimming pool when children traveling to it will negotiate past water troughs and water races that due to the reason for existence doesn’t prevent the animals and therefore children from access. Add in many drains and other open waterways farcical rapidly overtakes reasonable.

    All our formative years had a water race through the garden, and two creeks well capable of drowning a child within a toddlers walk, yes we became fearful of water and one sibling still cannot “swim” but we developed a respect for the danger and the play ground Water feature was where we spent many happy hours unsupervised by busy parents yet still remained safe.

    It was not luck but successful parenting.

    Will commenting on parenting insufficiency become hate speech when Andy gets his lawyer benefit scheme enacted,

    Not many non medical toddler deaths escape a strong link with some measurable, obvious deficiency of parenting often involved.

    Need a licence to marry, own a firearm, sell food, ride a motor bike, drive a car, own a dog, print money yet making babies and the following child rearing has no such demand for gaining the appropriate qualification, required and recently tightened for preschool supervisors.

    Cry me a river but fence it before a child drowns.

  2. Andrei says:

    Need a licence to marry, own a firearm, sell food, ride a motor bike, drive a car, own a dog, print money yet making babies and the following child rearing has no such demand for gaining the appropriate qualification

    Well actually Murray in days of yore the license to marry was in fact an document that provided the accepted sanctification of societies blessing to raise children

    Like everything that requires a license to proceed not everyone bothered.

    It is the current “wokes” who revised the meaning of the marriage license in the name of inclusivity” who have succesfully revised this concept and in the process rendered the marriage license essentially meaningless

    But no matter how diligent a child’s parents maybe disaster can still occur – the chances are significantly reduced of course if both parents are actively involved in the rearing of a child but the chances are not reduced to zero

  3. Roj Blake says:

    Well actually Andrei in days of yore, the license to marry was in fact a document that provided for the transfer of a father’s property to another Male, securing of wealth and privilege, and ensuring the dynasty was preserved. See Dianna Spencer as a classic example.

  4. Andrei says:

    Have you been brainwashed Roj

    Most of us do not have the pedigrees of the late Princess of Wales or her father the 8th Earl Spencer, Viscount Althorp to pass on

    What we do have to pass on is our culture and heritage – and that is what you progressive types hate. You wish to usurp parental rights to raise own their children in their ways and wish to have children raised in your own sour image of humanity.

    The Bolsheviks tried abolishing marriage to acheive that end on assuming power and ended up with a social disaster on their hands when they found there were hundreds of thousands of abandoned children roaming the streets – the consequences of that terrible mistake have not been entirely eliminated from Russia even to this day.

    The atomic unit of civil society is the nuclear family where men and women work co-operatively to raise their children passing on their own culture and heritage to the next generation

    And progressives hate that – they think they know better than everyone else in their hubris, and seek to impart their own values on other peoples children.

    The thing about most so called progressives is that they a singularly unattractive people both in mind and body and undoubtably part of the reason many have gone after marriage is that nobody would want to marry them so a lot of what we see is just sour grapes

    The good thing about progressives with their strong advocacy of abortion, birth control, along with their general unattractiveness they will soon be extinct

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