Dog walker vs farmer

Who wins in dog walker vs farmer😕

A Peak District farmer has been forced to give up his “gentle” highland cattle after a single dog walker complained that they felt unsafe around the herd.

Alex Birch, 32, has roamed his 27-strong herd on Baslow Edge in the Peak District for 40 years, ever since his grandfather David Thorp first introduced them to the land as a young man.

Walkers in the national park regularly encountered the red-haired cattle, described as “the most photographed cows in the world”, as they grazed on the bracken.

They were even the face of BBC Look North’s weather programme.

But ramblers cannot find the animals on Baslow Edge anymore, as Mr Birch has been forced to sell and slaughter his cattle following a complaint to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) from an anonymous dog walker.

The complaint stressed concern after a walker claimed that one of the highland cows attempted to attack their dog. . . 

An online petition has been launched in support of the farmer:

It has gained over 23,000 signatures in just 24 hours. The petition says: “For over 40 years a herd of Highland cattle have been allowed to graze on the moorland of Baslow Edge in the Peak District, delighting walkers, cyclists and photographers.

“They have also played a crucial part in maintaining and enriching this beautiful moorland. The highland cattle actively helped the biodiversity of the area.

“Sadly, the HSE has decreed that these gentle creatures should be removed from this area due to the complaints of one individual who, by walking with a dog too close to the herd, felt that they were in danger of attack.”

It adds: “Baslow Edge is visited by thousands of people every year, who enjoy the sight of these magnificent creatures, are respectful of their space, particularly when the cows have calves, with no incident.

Cows with calves are very, very protective.

“This petition is also to show support to the farming community and Mr Thorp, the farmer who owned the herd of highland cattle on Baslow Edge. Quite simply, the act of removing this herd was uncalled for and a knee-jerk reaction to one individual.”

Despite fierce public backlash against the decision, a HSE spokesman said the matter has been ‘satisfactorily resolved’. .  .

People wanting more access to farmland in New Zealand often look to the UK’s right to roam as an exemplar.

It’s stories like this which keep farmers here maintaining their private property rights which include the right to restrict entry and bar dogs on a lead or not.

One Response to Dog walker vs farmer

  1. Murray Roxburgh says:

    Wilding Pines are a scourge across much of the country and of that area the DoC estate, the state farms and other land now retired from meaningful occupation have no resources to attempt control, for land in private hands it is just as expensive.

    All pine forests are almost sterile with little or zero food source, in Australia large forest plantings require zones that permit the native fauna to transit.

    Contorta is a baddy but the Oregon or Douglas fir, Radiata, Nigra and European Larch along with Mugo, Pinaster Ponderosa and scots pine occupy the top ten pests in the class.

    One tree in an almost inaccessible place needs an expensive Chopper response to remove it before it gets to around 15 years old when viable seed begins to emerge, that is the extreme of manual control, across more accessable country it is easier but still very expensive.

    Many also understand how invasive Gorse, Broome and Blackberry are but there are others, eg in the Hanmer river catchment there are Elders that now are choking the Waiau down stream , creating amongst other side effects, hydraulic issues that now threaten the Waiau village just below the junction of The Mason, as in the braided areas the elders establish on islands of shingle and divert the flows both flood and normal.

    In my simplistic evaluation systems I see far greater environmental threats here that man created and then failed to remedy, far greater than the warming mantra that exercises pollies across the globe . Warming is largely the result of cosmic activity related to the activity in the nuclear inferno of our sun small changes to earths orientation and orbital changes, way beyond any possible influence from man (or woman).

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