Sowell says

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  1. Roj Blake says:

    Any system which allows some people to exercise unbridled power over others is an open invitation to abuse, whether that system is called slavery or socialism or something else.

    Perfect example of laissez faire capitalism and Ayn Randianism.

    Wage theft and labour theft are rampant. The number of billionaires increases, as do the numbers of “working poor”. Workers conditions are being wound back to the days of the Master and Servant Act.

    We need a fundamental rethink on how work and expertise are rewarded. There is no rational reason why an individual should be able to acquire more than a billion dollars, taxes on such extremes of wealth need to be raised to ensure a fairer distribution in society.

    Starbucks chairman emeritus, Howard Schultz, is upset at being labelled a billionaire and calls it a pejorative. Easily fixed, Howard, give away $2 billion and drop being to being a mega millionaire.


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