Addressing the haggis

It’s Robert Burns’ birthday.

I’m not recommending haggis for eating, but my tartan genes enjoy listening to this.

2 Responses to Addressing the haggis

  1. Murray Roxburgh says:

    Re Haggis, maybe it is a genetic link to my ancestors who after becoming victims of the “clearances” chose to migrate from Thurso to Pigeon Bay in the 1850s.

    I have eaten haggis in various forms and situations more times than I can count and never had anything other than a satisfactory gastronomic result. Never had a doubt.
    Almost every formal dining event associated with My Presbyterian Boarding school alma mater, goes the whole nine yards with the Haggis including some stirring addresses and accomplished Piping.

    As a contrast during my 20 year sojourn in the other Island I encountered some Hangi, far more than I wish to recall and although of seriously variable quality, be assured I will sleep easier should I never collide with one more.


  2. homepaddock says:

    You’re welcome to my share of haggis, Murray, and the whisky that goes with it. I share your lack of taste for food from a hangi though, much prefer an Argentinean asado.


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