Saturday’s smiles

Two young hunters were out in the bush by themselves for the first time and decided to separate to increases their chances of finding a deer.

“What if we get lost?” one of them said.

“Fire three shots up in the air, every hour on the hour” said the other. “I saw it on TV.”

After a few hours in the bush, one of the hunters realised he was lost. He waited til the hour and fired three shots into the air and continued doing this every 60 minutes.

Meanwhile, the other hunter realised his friend was lost, couldn’t hear any shots and walked out to contact search and rescue.

It took until next day to find the lost hunter. When they got to him, his friend said, Why didn’t you do what I said?”

“I did,” his mate replied.  “I fired three shots up into the air every hour on the hour, but then I ran out of arrows.”

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