Some animals more equal

Forest and Bird  says the SPCA’s call for a ban on 1080 is naive:

Forest & Bird says the SPCA’s statement calling for 1080 to be banned shows a naïve failure to understand how nature works in the wild, and they will be seeking a meeting with the organisation to discuss its position.

Forest & Bird CE Kevin Hague says “The SPCA’s statement on the use of 1080 is seriously misinformed, and contains errors of both fact and logic.

Their position reflects their history of caring for domesticated animals such as cats and dogs, without understanding the needs of New Zealand’s native animals and ecosystems.

The SPCA is generally respected for its care of domestic and farm animals.  Extending its concern to pests which carry disease, and torture and kill native birds puts its reputation at risk.

It’s not hard to get public support for an organisation that promotes the wellbeing of cats, dogs, sheep and cattle. It would be very easy to lose support by giving rats, stoats and possums equal status with native birds.

“While the idea of stoats and rats peacefully coexisting with native birds sounds great, the reality is that an estimated 25 million native birds, eggs, and chicks are cruelly eaten alive by introduced predators every year in New Zealand.

“This is the terrible death that countless native animals across New Zealand suffer every night.

“The SPCA’s position on 1080 is a blow to their credibility. It’s sad to see them promoting flawed logic whose outcome is the extinction through being eaten alive of treasured animals like our kiwi, kereru, and kokako.

“Without scientific, ethical, and precision pest control, of which 1080 is a key tool, there is no way to protect our native animals from the overwhelming numbers of introduced predators. Giving up 1080 would lead to an ecocide of huge proportions in New Zealand, and the SPCA need to understand this is the outcome of their pest control position.”

The SPCA might think all animals are equal but when it comes to conservation, some are more equal than others.

Rats, stoats and possums are introduced species which carry diseases that can infect people, farm and domestic animals, and they are not endangered. They prey on native species which are.

No-one says 1080 is perfect but experts including the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, the Environmental Protection Authority and the Department of Conservation say it is the best option available to protect  native species when trapping and shooting aren’t possible.

Attempting to put pests on equal footing with endangered natives is not only denting the SPAC’s credibility, it’s costing it support.

7 Responses to Some animals more equal

  1. Roj Blake says:

    Props to Nat Dudley for not understanding what the letter A in SPCA represents. I’m sure you have the SPCA quaking in their boots.

    Let’s say, for argument’s sake, a bunch of yobs catch a bunch of Possums and start using them as footballs – would you expect the SPCA to launch a prosecution? Would you withdraw support if it did?

    I get why farmers don’t like possums, stoats, etc, they don’t care about the native birds, only the profits.


  2. A subject I understand and accept that SPCA are within their entendre raison.
    Killing in any form always results in things best left unsaid therefore entering the 1080 debate in this way is not a good tactic.
    Damned if you do is appropriate.

    This will do nothing at all for support for the struggling entity as far too many do see the devastation wrought by the target species 1080 is employed in its attack and the nutters who fail to balance the issues as DoC and others must grapple with daily, merely expose their ignorance again.

    As one who fought bovine Tb in the Wairarapa for 20 years it was an essential component employed to stay in business with around 500 cattle at risk. It is similar in shooting Rabbits, shooting worrying dog(s), what about flysprays that leave demented flies spinning upside down on their backs.
    I am reminded of a philosophical response from my Dad when lamenting dead lambs lost to adverse weather, “where there are live ones there will be dead ones young fella”.
    “Needs must when the devil drives”.

    I am at a loss why the SPCA who lost my support years ago over an equally fruitless pursuit of stupid, chose such a losing policy track when there are so many other avenues within their gambit available.

    Did emotive response trump the pragmatic, methinks a resounding yes.


  3. homepaddock says:

    Roj – There’s a big difference between using poisons which are legal to kill pests and torturing an animal, pest or not.

    Yours is a very blinkered view of farmers. Many forgo income and incur costs by covenanting land with native bush; most spend 10s of thousands planting trees for both shelter and amenity planting that encourages bird life.


  4. Will says:

    Amusing. These people getting stuck into the SPCA are pretty much making the same argument President Trump is about illegal immigration. He doesn’t actually call them ‘invasive predator species’ in so many words, but it’s much the same thing.

    At least the SPCA are consistent in their lunacy. How do you explain a people who will go to any lengths to rescue a rare bug or somesuch, but can’t stir themselves to save their own civilisation?


  5. Roj Blake says:

    Sorry, Ele, I forgot about the millions of trees on the Canterbury Plains sucking up the water from the aquifers. Oh, hang on, that was before the dairy clearances, producing profits for the few and costs for the many.

    I lived in a Canterbury village, surrounded by intensive dairying. The pollution got so bad we were on a boiled water notice until the regional council could sink a new well. Those who caused the problem transferred to costs to those who suffered from the problem.


  6. Roj Blake says:

    Jesus Will, I didn’t realise that the fate of civilisation rested on the shoulders of the SPCA. You and natmate make a good pair.


  7. Will says:

    Such was not my suggestion. I merely find the situation ironic.

    Speaking of irony, do you really see yourself as the radical rebel your pseudonym implies? Don’t you see the Globalist Left are the Federation? You’re a storm trooper for the Empire, not some freedom fighter.
    But then, look at me…born into a sheep farming family, Church of England, classical education – practically aristocracy in this absurd little country. Now I’m practically an outcast, farmers are the Untouchables of New Zealand, and climate criminals of almost Bond Villain proportions.



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