Mixed message

Police Minister Stuart Nash thinks testing drugs at festivals is a fantastic idea.

Independent testing tents that let you know what’s in recreational drugs could become a regular feature at New Zealand festivals, Police Minister Stuart Nash says.

“I think they’re a fantastic idea and should be installed at all our festivals,” he said. “But I need to see how it works and better understand the implications of it first.”

The idea behind recreational drug testing is not to stop drug use but reduce harm, by letting consumers of illicit pills know if the drugs they are taking have been mixed with other dangerous chemicals.

This sends the message that if there are no other dangerous chemicals mixed in the drugs they will be harmless when they may well not be.

“The war on drugs hasn’t worked in the past 20 years, so it’s time to change to a more compassionate and restorative approach,” Nash said. . . 

The war on drugs hasn’t stamped them out but is there any data to say what its impact has been?

Would more or fewer people take drugs if they weren’t illegal?

What about the danger of drug driving and would it be any less if drugs weren’t illegal?

Alcohol and tobacco are legal substances which cause multiple problems.

Condoning recreational drug use as the testing would do, while devoting a lot of resources to persuade people of the ill-effects of smoking and drinking too much alcohol sends a very mixed message.

One Response to Mixed message

  1. mixed message for sure but as a student of history prohibition fails so i am in a camp that recognises that . folk will be stupid and it is incontrovertible, stupid moi drank too much alcohol and possibly the current much reduced intake could still be too much. Today being a significant date c1943 , no not Stalingrad but a minor incident in Kaikoura hosp.
    A bottle of Moet with the love of 56 years, a Japanese takeaway and some cricket, followed up with a home made trifle, raspberry jelly and what could go wrong.

    I am almost at decriminalising use and if stupid is stupid does rules then Nash might have a point.
    Lets try Education as if that will work but at least it does move things back to personal responsibility.

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