Not quite 365 days of gratitude

This is the last of last year’s 365 days of gratitude post, being written this morning because last night I was having fun with friends and had neither the time nor inclination to write.

I didn’t quite get to 365 – this is only the 357th post, so there must have been a few days when for reasons now forgotten I didn’t write one.

I started these posts last New Year’s Day because 2017 had been an annus horriblis for reasons which weren’t mine to write about and I knew last year would also have more steep mountains to climb and deep valleys to traverse.

It did. But it also had love and support from, and fun with, family and friends; our daughter’s wedding; travel, and excitement as well as the ordinary days when it wasn’t hard to count my blessings.

In the last few weeks I’ve had several unexpected reminders that almost everyone has tough times for a whole variety of reasons.

But I’ve also had reminders of the inner resources and outside support that enable most of us to not only deal with the challenges but to make the most of life in spite of, and sometimes, because of them.

So here’s to 2019, may it be kind to you and yours.




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