Paying price for unpreparedness

Got a problem? The government almost certainly has a review to consider it:

New figures released by National show that since being sworn in, the Government has announced 206 reviews and working groups, or one approximately every two days, at a cost of almost $700,000 dollars a day, National Leader Simon Bridges says.

“The Government has abandoned New Zealanders and delegated the job of governing to officials, think tanks, consultants and former politicians while it focuses on tidying up after itself and cashing its coalition negotiation cheques,” Mr Bridges says.

“This is a Government whose parties had three terms – nine years – to develop their own ideas, but they’re now farming the thinking out to others and charging the taxpayer as they do.

Instead of using opposition to prepare for government, Labour spent the best part of nine years on in-fighting and looking inwards. We are paying the price for their lack of preparedness  for government.

“The Government has no plans for growing the strong economy it inherited, or for improving the lives of New Zealanders. Rather than having a plan and a vision for New Zealand it’s focused on keeping the Coalition together and treading water while we wait for the ever-growing list of reviews and working groups to report back with instructions.

“Meanwhile taxpayers are forking out half a million dollars a day to pay for this Government’s laziness.

“The total cost so far is around $280 million but it is set to be much higher. The Government doesn’t know the cost of 79 of their reviews, so taxpayers could be looking at a $450 million bill. At a time when cost of living is on the rise, rents are going up, and more taxes and regulations are being piled on, New Zealanders don’t need this wasteful spending as they feel the pinch at Christmas time.

Some external consideration and advice is sensible, but 206 reviews and working groups at a cost of $700,000 a day is simply wasteful.

“It is flabby spending. National would cut the waste, stop mulching trees and rolling out free fees, and invest taxpayer dollars in a more considered, targeted way. Savings from these reviews alone could fund the Roxburgh children’s village for the next 90 years, end the teacher strikes, fund 5,600 cochlear implants or axe the regional fuel tax.

“Kiwis can go into this Christmas knowing that only National will be doing the hard yards all summer to hold this Government-of-missed-opportunities to account. We’ll do the work so we’re ready should we earn the right to govern again in 2020.”

That one of the expensive working groups is working on ways to tax us more is particularly galling.

If the government spent less and spent more wisely there would be no need for it to take more tax.

Judith Collins sums it up: Rather than $700,000 per day being spent on Working Groups to tell the Government what to do, wouldn’t it be better to just have a WORKING GOVERNMENT?


One Response to Paying price for unpreparedness

  1. Murray Roxburgh says:

    Mr Bridges is settling into his role very fast and it might appear to some that the very dodgy moves to throw a very vulnerable Lee Ross under a bus in pursuit of as yet still murky political moves, seems to have on balance failed miserably in that Bridges and the rest of the senior Nats have come through strengthened.
    It is becoming more apparent that there is a concerted media campaign to portray the current National team as somehow in trouble while a completely disfunctional CoL is without exception being almost totally ignored with the parade, almost daily, of successive stuffups either ignored or placed so far away from page one as to be invisible.
    Housing, read Kiwibuild, Poverty, Child neglect, strike actions, Health problems, Education confusion and disrruption, Lees Galloway saga, Shane Jones buffoonery, money scattered like confetti while a new Zealand citizen is refused any assistance and left to die in Bali, and the road toll seems to be almost out of control.

    RNZ, TV One and Media Works still seem infatuated with a shallow PM who is really struggling to perform even to a minimum standard as Labour Party manager and Prime Minister. Yes she is a new mum but there are thousands of others dealing with that entirely natural challenge, sans the almost unknown to most, support available from family, the state and an umbrella of protection from The Rt Hon Mr Speaker.

    This massive spend on playing catchup after nine years of leadership confusion and infighting is highlighted to people without an agenda or anything above average intelligence, that is to say a large segment of the wealth creators, as money down the drain.

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