Back to what matters

The news that Jami-Less Ross has been taken into mental health care doesn’t answer the question I asked last week – is he mad, bad or both?

Nor does it excuse his behavior, but it does explain it.

Mental ill-health is serious. Continued  media attention won’t help him and could well hinder his recovery.

National can now return its focus to what matters – holding the government to account for the fall-out from bad policy, and developing better policy to offer the electorate.

It should also allow the media to focus on matters that matter such as the impact of high and rising fuel prices, the charade of the truncated select committee process on the ban on oil and gas exploration and the danger of virtue signaling environment policies that do harm rather than good.

2 Responses to Back to what matters

  1. Andrei says:

    You know Ele – there us an attempt to create the narrative that the National Party Heiracy are responsible forthis train wreck through their cruelty and uncaring attitude toward JLR throughout this debacle.

    I don’t see this at all

    Trevour Mallard pulled the pin on the initial leak enquiry after receivng an “anonymous” communication from the leaker saying he was suffering mental health issues and the enquiry would exacebate them – Simon Bridges received the same communication

    In the real world if the police were investigating a serious crime (say the rape of an elderly lady in her own home for example) would such a communication from the culprit end the enquiry?

    I don’t think so! And the general public would be outraged if it did

    When Simon Bridges continued the investigation it was the right and proper thing to do

    When Jami-Lee Ross was put on leave for his health – it was the right and proper thing to do and it was the media who commected this with the leak enquiry – a speculation SB tried to shut down

    The Jami-Lee Ross returned from early sick leave and went feral

    He attacked Simon Bridge and it was he who raised the topic of his abuse of women by saying that he had been accused by Judith Collins of “inappropriate behaviour with women” and claimed his Grandmother had brought his up to treat women well

    It was then in response to this that NewsHub release their exposé – it was Newhub prompted by JLR himself that brought this aspect of the story into the public domain not the parliasmentary National Party

    Cameron Slater and Simon Lusk have been working with JLR from the get go and now are trying to blame National for JLRs woes

    But maybe they should look in the mirror before going for Simon Bridges et al over this sorry saga


  2. pdm` says:

    Andrei it is going to be difficult for Mr and Mrs Soper to back off. The venom of their joint attacks on Simon Bridges suggests they have personal axes to grind.


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