Can’t win, nothing to lose

Jami-Lee Ross announced at the start of the week he was going to resign and stand in the resulting by-election.

By week’s end he’d changed his tune.

He’s now not going to resign.

He can justify that as much as he likes but you don’t have to be a cynic to think he’s realised that he wouldn’t win the seat as an independent, that he’d lose his MP’s income, and that the prospects of anyone else wanting to employ him are infinitesimal.

If he can’t win he has nothing to lose which leaves the National caucus with another conundrum.

Could it, should it, get Ross kicked out of parliament under the waka jumping legislation against which it argued so vehemently?

Or should it ignore him in the knowledge that if he stays he could carry on scatter-bombing, hurting untold other people and his former party, under the protection of parliamentary privilege?

A man who knows he can’t win and is unemployable has nothing to lose.


7 Responses to Can’t win, nothing to lose

  1. Ross Miller says:

    you’ve answered your question in your last paragraph. JLR has gone completely feral. If he is allowed to stay in Parliament he will be able to say anything in the chamber without fear of being called to account. It’s a no brainer. The legislation is what it is. It’s the law. Sure National voted against it but it’s there and National would be playing dumb politics not to invoke it.


  2. Andrei says:

    How National will loose the next election

    Invoke the Waka Jumping legislation (which they vehemently opposed) and prove to the elecftorate thaqt they are a party without principles or spine

    Of course if a man cheats on his wife and betrays his family that shows that he is a man who cannot be trusted because if he can betray the most important thing in his life then nothing is sacred

    Ride the storm National do not give the malevolernt people who are behind this any victory. STAND FIRM and with RESOLVE

    Prove you are people worth voting for


  3. homepaddock says:

    Andrei, Mark Mitchell said in an interview invoking the law would be a discussion in caucus and he would argue strenuously against it. I agreed with him but then I thought, what if Ross carries on and does more real harm to other people? Then I read Liam Heir’s comments: National can’t win either way but Botany constituents deserve a decent MP and parliament and NZ would be better without Ross.


  4. pdm` says:

    Surely the party hierarchy can put the acid on the Botany electorate committee to dump Ross.

    Problem solved.


  5. Andrei says:

    Ele – Jamie-Lee Ross has probably shot his bolt

    Sure he might be able to personally embarrass some Members of Parliament but if so more fool them for not conforming to the marital ideals

    The man is a scuzzbucket of the first order – he named a married female MP he had an affair with – her name was bleeped out but you know who it is, I am fairly sure, and so do I

    She made a horrible mistake and now has to wear the consequences

    And the same may be true for other MPS but it is better this loathsome man does his worst than for National to use a law they opposed to shut him up because that gives the impression of selling out princples to cover up embarrasing peccadillos .

    In other words you are saying National MPs are a bunch of promiscuous, unprincipled self seekers who will betray their beliefs to evade taking personal responsibilty for their actions

    Because thats the message I get

    Simon Bridges had won my back support for National – it will be easily lost again

    If National does this it is a partial victory for Jamie-Lee Ross and those behind him – do you not get that?

    National people need to get firmly behind their Parliamentary leadership team, and give them unqualified support until Jamie-Lee Ross has fired all his shots – which he may have already

    There maybe more pain to come but being staunch will be better for all in the long term

    It is two years until the next election and even if JLR hangs on in Parliament til then he will be totally irrelevant long before that time


  6. homepaddock says:

    PDM – I think the party accepted his verbal resignation but now he’s back-tracked on his resignation as an MP the only way to get him out of parliament is the waka jumping process.

    Andrei – I was thinking of the innocent eg husbands and children of those who’ve transgressed and others who might have been maligned in taped conversations. But even if the wj law was invoked successfully, and there’s no guarantee it would be successful, there would be time for him to unleash more venom before he was kicked out so either way he can still hurt more people. Given that, you’ve convinced me it’s better not to try.


  7. Richard says:

    I agree with Andre. National should forgo its opposition to WJ just to rid itself of this dreadful character. He is a narcissist who craves attention among other things. Let him become an independent. He will continue to try and expose wrong doings But what he has exposed so far has done more damage to himself. Let’s assume he has he has played his strongest cards so far – his next and the next is going to get weaker the latest is that his wife has left him ; my sympathies for her. But this will provoke other women to tell their stories. —
    that’s when I was called away to find now he has been detained. One half of me is sad for him and his family. The other half, he was the one of the worst people to be elected to parliament – he revealed this himself!

    Mind you there are MP’s in the other parties who are verging on the psychotic.


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