For campaign or not?

Jacinda Ardern hired an advertising company to photograph her trip to New York

In the past, New Zealand Prime Ministers have had a staffer from their offices take photos, but Ardern had a crew of three from agency Augusto’s New York office.

They have been used on social media and Ardern told the Herald on Sunday some would also be used for campaign purposes.

This morning the Prime Minister’s office clarified that the images would be used for “stock footage and social media content that the government would be using in the future”, which they said is inside the rules. . .

Stock footage and social media content for government use is in the rules for the party leader’s fund, campaign material is not.

So who is right – Ardern who says that the photos will be used for campaigning, or her staff who say they won’t?

One Response to For campaign or not?

  1. Owen says:

    Again image is more important than reality.

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