That was then, this is now

Anyone who says they don’t lie is lying.

The Inquiring Mind

We all, Adam is sure, remember this from the debate moderated by Patrick Gower during last year’s NZ Election campaign.

Indeed it was a contributory factor to the gushing effusiveness of so many over Jacinda Ardern

Over the past few months it has been obvious to some that Ms Ardern has become somewhat parsimonious with the truth see here and here

Today it was confirmed that Ardern did not tell the truth during the election as this clip shows:-

Therefore, why should we place any credence in anything she says?
Why does she get fawned over by the media, she is as vain glorious and as guilty of misinformation as Donald Trump.

What is also clear is that Bill English who was assailed for being equivocal in…

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One Response to That was then, this is now

  1. Owen says:

    For Jacinda, image and signalling is more important than reality. She exists in a fanticised world of perfection – a potentially dangerous and disturbing place, even for five year olds.

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