If don’t need them now . . .

The government has lost its second minister this month.

Jacinda Ardern has relieved Whaitiri of her ministerial responsibilities which will be taken over by other ministers.

This begs the question – if the government doesn’t need two more ministers now, why were taxpayers burdened with the costs of having them in the first place?

It also raises the question of how many more ministers could we happily do without.

And while we’re asking questions, why did it take Ardern so long to get to the conclusion Whaitiri had to go?

Why did she go to the trouble of a lengthy investigation when she could have simply summoned Whaitiri into her office, asked her what happened and sacked her then and there?

And just a day after 125 years of women’s suffrage was celebrated, David Farrar notes:

2 Responses to If don’t need them now . . .

  1. Will says:

    I read somewhere that Argentina is planning to abolish about half its government.


  2. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind.


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