Birds bludgeoned

Native birds used in a protest against 1080 were bludgeoned to death:

The speaker of the house has laid a complaint with police after discovering native birds used in a 1080 protest were bludgeoned to death.

Protestors laid dead birds on the steps on parliament yesterday along with fake 1080 pellets.

Protestors claimed the birds were killed by 1080 poisoning.

However, Trevor Mallard says forensic experts say the birds were killed by blunt force trauma.

Even people who aren’t experts ought to be able to tell the difference between death by poisoning and death by blunt force.

Who did the bludgeoning and how did the protesters find the birds that had been bludgeoned?

Whatever the answers, and whoever did it, both killing birds this way and using them in a protest like this is seriously sick.

One Response to Birds bludgeoned

  1. Gravedodger says:

    The red billed gul eassily caught in a net with bait
    Weka any self respecting Jack Russell in minutes.
    The kereru this am had one sitting in the spreading elm beside the deck outside my Bedroom could have hit it with a shangai, an air gun or as the earlier residents a spear from below.

    A despicable act totally at odds with any proclaimed belief in caring for the birds.

    As I have blogged before our experience with 1080 and our thousand acre farm near Masterton, a targetted program with half the property one week and the other half a fortnight later, all the bird life exploded within one year and no visible sign of possums, stoats, rats, cats for years later.

    Yes, not a very nice toxin for victims intended or by kill but so affordable, simple, and remarkably safe.

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