365 days of gratitude

Tonight I’m grateful that I’m a graduate of Otago and Canterbury Universities, not Massey where the vice chancellor doesn’t understand free speech.

One Response to 365 days of gratitude

  1. Murray Roxburgh says:

    “Once upon a time” going to Uni was a privilege and failure regarded as serious.
    Apparently today it is merely a possibly next step after school, maybe a Year off between and failure probably someone else to blame.

    Whatever happened to critical thinking.

    First they came for free speech supporters———-?

    “And they all lived happily ever after”, Methinks maybe it will end in tears.

    As I blogged today Tom T P Shand, Muldoon’s minister of labour was rumored to have flirted with Communism at Uni then to find himself sitting on the other side of the table from Finton Patrick Walsh, Jim Knox, Jock Barnes et al who if not Communist were very far left politically.


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