365 days of gratitude

My farmer was almost too old for Young Farmers by the time we married.

That shouldn’t have stopped me joining, but to my regret, I chose not to.

He was on the organising committee of what was then the Skellerup Young Farmer of the Year contest so I went to those and have also accompanied him to the Young Farmers’ World Congress and several Young Farmer reunions.

That gave me a real appreciation of the value of Young Farmers and its role in education and leadership training and the strength of the friendships it fostered.

Attending the 50th anniversary of the Young Farmer contest on Thursday, enjoying the company of friends and Invercargill’s hospitality culminating in the FMG YOung Farmer contest last night reinforced all that.

While I still regret not joining the organisation, I’m grateful that for what I’ve gained from it albeit as the partner of an older Young Farmer rather than as a former member myself.

One Response to 365 days of gratitude

  1. Gravedodger says:

    I did not meet swmbo at young farmers /country girls but we shared times when concurrent metings were held at the same venue.
    Aah such sweet memories.

    We actually met on the stage cast as husband and wife in a one act play.

    A neighbour who attended the third and last night of the three night season suggested “we were “not acting’, quite an astute observation as things evolved.

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