Farm quiz

88% in this farm quiz.

Not good at imperial measurements – old enough to remember the relief when they were dropped in favour of metrics but not old enough to be fluent in them.

4 Responses to Farm quiz

  1. Mark Hubbard says:


    Mainly dipped out on all the horse questions (way too many of them – I don’t consider horses part of everyday farming 🙂 )

  2. Bulaman says:

    90 % those damn chickens and their eating preferences!
    19 degrees here in Fiji this morning with much wailing from the locals, warmed to 28 this arvo..

  3. adamsmith1922 says:


  4. Paranormal says:

    93% – but i have to admit I got lucky on some of those Imperial measurement questions. Couldn’t answer the peanut question.

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