What if you don’t have a power bill?

This is an extraordinary admission from a minister:

Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage today told the Environment Select Committee that her key achievement in office is requiring New Zealanders who go tramping to carry power bills to prove to DOC rangers that they are kiwis, National’s Conservation Spokesperson Sarah Dowie says.

“This is outrageous. New Zealanders have an expectation that they have open access to the great outdoors. Instead, Ms Sage expects when we pack our tramping bags – we will remember to include our latest power bill,” Ms Dowie says. . . 

What happens to the many of us who don’t have power bills in our names?

Our bill is addressed to the farm not my farmer and me.

That will apply to a lot of people whose business is also their home.

But it’s not only home-based business people who won’t have power bills addressed to them.

Children, including adults, who live with their parents are unlikely to be the bill addressee; not all couples have bills in both their names and accounts for flats could well be addressed to one or some rather than all of the flatmates.

There could be a case for charging overseas tourists to access National Parks, but requiring us to carry a power bill when tramping isn’t the best way to sort the local sheep from the touring goats.

2 Responses to What if you don’t have a power bill?

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Recently with Swmbo who was attempting to open a personal account at Kiwi Bank, we were told we needed a utilities bill or similar to “prove” a bona fide physical address.
    Apparently because we were profiled as law breakers, money launderers, and only not yet convicted because the crats had not yet caught us.
    A current NZ passport, drivers licence, oral claims of Phone numbers, postal address, physical address simply not sufficient.
    I naively said to my love of over five and a half decades, you grab a cup of coffee and relax I will pop out to a nearby WINZ office and that will be problem solved.

    Well that turned into a three ring circus faster than you could say you must be joking.

    Act 1 scene 1:Outside Winz office wearing hivis, toting clipboard:
    uniformed thug asks “do you have an appointment”
    Moi ” no”
    U T “Why do you want to enter here”.
    Moi ” I would like to seek advice from my Government Dept”
    U T “who do you wish to see”
    Moi “I have no idea but I would like to begin my personal business at reception”(as if such interrogation was received without a slight rise in temperature and mood change)
    U T “wait Here”

    U T then using sign language asks U T#2, just inside the Glass door a silent question and elicits an answer that to Moi appeared to be a two fingered salute but in fact was “You will have to wait for two “clients” to come out I worked out while waiting.

    Act 1 scene 2;
    U T #2 opens door from inside and three people emerge.
    U T ” you may enter now sir”
    U T2 ushers a by now a little agitated Moi to join the end of a short queue at a desk.

    Some minutes pass with little privacy or apparent service, standing in line until eventually Moi reaches the Lady parked in a nice chair where Moi proceded to make what he considered a polite and reasonable request that began with production of his Gold Winny Card for ID.
    ” My wife has Parkinsons, has mobility issues, paranoia manifesting as anxiety in strange situations and while she is waiting with a cofee at the 700 meters distant mall we were wondering if in your IT system you have her Physical address to enable her to complete a private transaction at Kiwi Bank.

    Large Lady ” is your wifes name *******’
    Moi “yes”
    LL tapping on her keyboard “Yes we have her physical address on file”
    Moi ” could you print that out for her to use to complete her application at a new bank”
    LL “Do you hold a power of attorney for her”‘
    Moi “Err No she has physical and emotional disabiities not mental”.
    LL “No you cannot access her personal information”.
    Moi “Err. is there someone else I can appeal your ruling to”.
    LL No in a very dismissive tone with accompanying body language and an idle glance towards a UT standing close enough to make any charade of privacy somewhat redundant ?

    Moi released from a sense of confinement by security staff

    Act 2 scene 1:

    After jogging back to the Mall, Moi had a flash of inspiration, another bank they have business with is in that Mall, so up to a teller, brief discussion as to dilemma and hey presto.
    Bank teller ” I will look up your wife’s data, oh botheration only a postal”.
    Looks at sad old man and says in a kindly voice “hang on I will adjust her address to what you want printed it out, print off what you need” and restore our system to what it held prior.

    Scene 2 meets up with Swmbo job is done and all the bureaucracy, political correctness and all round BS is satisfied.

    And they all lived in happiness, smug in the knowledge the Crats had been circumvented, no one at the Winz office was threatened and the Queen still ruled in her Palace blissfully unaware of the stress, upset and confusion her ministers and the peoples servants had wrought in her name.

  2. adamsmith1922 says:

    Marvellous comment above

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